LED Blankout & FRAMELITE Traffic Control Signs.

SMARTWALK XP-S Pedestrian Sensor

The SMARTWALK XP-S is a microwave based pedestrian presence sensor.  Designed for curbside hands free activation of crosswalk signs or pedestrian signals.  Capable of detecting pedestrians curbside while ignoring stationary objects.  Also can activate warning lights or signs at trail crossings.  

Low power operation is perfect for solar applications.

Specifications SmartWALK XP-S

2 Channel Alternating Flasher

FLASHER, 2 Channel Alternating Output

A high quality low cost flasher to providing two independent channel outputs designed to flash 2 lamp loads alternately at 55-60 flashes per minute.  ( Custom flash rates may be ordered).  Available for both AC or DC lamps.  Prewired with 2 feet of lead and moisture sealed for reliable operation.  Mounts inside a signal head with included industrial velcro.  Measures 2" x 3" x 1.5.

Specification download : http://www.msiled.com/flashflytogo.pdf

Visor Strobe Kit

 LED Strobe & 12 " Visor Kit

Kit is sold complete with Hi Output LED Strobe bar attached to Visor for mounting to existing 12" Traffic Signal  Head.  Also includes power supply which connects to the LED strobe bar and allows choice of 8 different flash patterns.  Can be ordered for use with AC or DC input.

Specifications : http://www.msiled.com/strobefly4_12.pdf




Magnetic Vehicle Detection

Magnetic Vehicle detection is a technology that has been in use since the 60's.  It is a very reliable method of sensing the passage of a vehicle.  Vehicles can be as small as a bicycle or as large as a tractor trailer.  The magnetic detector only senses change in the magnetic field caused by a ferrous object.  A person or animal walking over it will not cause a detection.  The sensor is installed under the lane of traffic to be sensed and is wired back to the Magnetic Amplifier module that can be rack or shelf mounted in a traffic control cabinet.  The sensor probe can be buried under the roadway, trenched into the road way or tunneled under the roadway from the side.  It can also be bolted to the underside of bridge structures.  

For detailed specs please download either

Rack Mount Model 231/232 : http://www.msiled.com/232fly.pdf

Shelf Mount Model 231/201 :  http://www.msiled.com/201fly.pdf