LED Blankout & FRAMELITE Traffic Control Signs.

LED Strips are now available from M-SYSTEMS INC.
These may be used for various projects.  
10mm flexible strip x 16.4ft with SMD5050 style LED's in WHITE, RED, or YELLOW colors (18 LED's per foot , 120 degree viewing angle, White flex pcb)
8mm rigid strip (0.3 x 7 inch) with PLCC4 style LED with CREE hi intensity RED or YELLOW colors.  (30 degree viewing angle, Black pcb)

CUSTOM LED Retrofit Lighting

Custom or Retrofit LED products can be designed to install in your existing lamps.  If you currently have high wattage 150-400 watt fixtures you know your electric bills are high.  We have been creating custom LED replacements for these fixtures that can lower your electric costs 60-65%.  Some of our installations include schools, airport parking garages etc.   Why replace an entire fixture when you can simply install a new LED light engine (LED's + Power Driver).    Call us to discuss your particular needs. 

 Area & Roadway Down Lamp Style :  http://www.msiled.com/2a_ProductSheet.pdf








Bridgelux Single Chip Down Universal :  http://www.msiled.com/PTLB50spec.pdf

Dusk to Dawn Solar charger and lighting controller.

Morningstars SunLight controller allows Solar powered signs or lights to be turned on at dusk while reliably charging your battery system during the day.    10 different settings allow dusk to dawn, or dusk + 4 hrs operation etc..

LED Strip Lighting

Hi Power LED Bulbs - Replace MH or HPS.

Now Available in IP64 for outdoor fixtures in damp locations....                                   

Screw in replacement LED Bulbs for E39 (Mogul / Large) or E27 (Medium Edison) bases.  (Not a standard size light bulb).

Replace Hi Power consuming Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs.  

Energy efficient LED's.   40 to 120 Watt @ 100-277 VAC with SMD LED's. 

Your choice of color temperature - Warm White 3000K, Neutral White 4500K, and Cool White 6000K. 

Example : Replace 100-175 Watt HID bulb with 40 Watt LED  /  Replace 175-250 Watt HID bulb with 60 Watt LED.

 Download Tower Bulb specifications here  :   http://www.msiled.com/MSiTowerSizes.pdf


LED Post Top Retrofit & Custom Fixture

Bus Shelter Display LED Lighting


M- SYSTEMS INC. has developed lighting solutions for bus shelter displays.  Replace your existing lighting with low maintenance, long life LED conversion fixtures. 

The LED Media Backlight installs in place of existing lighting. It is lightweight and fully wired. A typical shelter will use four light bars. One bar mounted on each interior surface. They can be positioned anywhere along the edge to avoid obstructions. Each bar is connected to the next one in series. A separate power supply is also included. It only needs to be plugged into a standard 115 VAC outlet.

Download the specs here : http://www.msiled.com/adledflatRev2.pdf









LED Bridge Accent Lights

Penobscot Bridge & Observatory gives the best view in Maine! ".....The New York Times. 

M-Systems Inc. provided Maine D.O.T. with 120 of our Brick LED Light's that light the side of the bridge along the rails.  The design saves energy and minimizes light that was distracting to drivers crossing the bridge.  The bridge also features the only observatory on a bridge in North America.  For more info goto