We can now provide LED Blankout Signs with added LED borders to greatly enhance the appearance of the sign.   Most MUTCD signs can be made into a Blankout with border.   Email us your requirement for a quote.  

Email : msystemsled@gmail.com

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Thin Light Blankout Signs

M - SYSTEMS INC. manufactures a variety of blankout and enhanced signs using the latest LED Technology.  LED's SAVE ENERGY and have a long life. We use aluminum extruded frames for strength.  Signs are lightweight and weather resistant, and have been designed for outdoor use in harsh weather such as blowing rain or snow and extreme heat and cold. 

A blankout sign is completely blank (or Black) when off.  Our Blankout signs feature the Thin-Lite Series of very thin profile ultra lite signs. A typical 24" x 24" blankout sign is only 1.5" thick and weighs in at an average 22 pounds.  Compare that with other manufacturers whose signs weigh 50-70 lbs.  All signs are 12 volt DC.  A power supply is provided for remote mounting in a control cabinet or pole base to convert 120 VAC to 12 VDC. 

Front panel can be ordered clear or pebble textured polycarbonate.

Frames powdercoated Black or Natural Aluminum.

Blankout sign literature > Click here > http://www.msiled.com/blanknew.pdf

                                            Most Common Blankout Signs > Click here > http://www.msiled.com/brochure1.pdf


Blankout, R3-2 (No Left Turn), R3-1 (No Right Turn)

Available 30 or 36 inch

Specification R3-1 or R3-2

Blankout, R10-11, "NO TURN ON RED" with RED Ball.

Available 24x30 or 30x36 inch

Specification R10-11


Blankout, R10-11a, "NO TURN ON RED", 4 lines

(Available 24x30 or 30x36, Red or White LED)

Specification R10-11a


Blankout, R10-11b, "NO TURN ON RED", 3 lines

(Available 24, 30, 36 inch, Red or White LED)

Specification R10-11b


Blankout, R10-11c, No Right Turn Symbol + "ON RED"

(Size 24"W x 30"H)

Specifications R10-11c


Blankout, RB21, Full LED Straight Arrow

Available 32 x 12 inch viewable

Specifications RB21


Blankout, RB44, Full LED Directional Arrows

Available 30 inch.  Selectable 3 circuits for 5 combinations.

Specifications RB44


Blankout, OHS, Overheight Stop signs

Available 36x12 , 48x12 inch, or Custom

Specification OHS

For Overheight Detectors Click Here. 


Blankout, W11-2, Pedestrian "IN CROSSWALK"

Available 30 and 36 inch

Specification W11-2


Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel has upgraded their signage to M-SYSTEMS new energy efficient Thin-Light LED signs.  We are proud to have our signs in New York City. 

Follow the TUNNEL TO TOWERS run in September.  Congratulations to all the runners.  Follow the footsteps of an American Hero Firefighter Stephen Siller, who, on September 11th 2001, ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers where he laid down his life for others.  

Go to the official web site at  http://www.tunneltotowersrun.org/ .