LED Blankout & FRAMELITE Traffic Control Signs.

FrameLITE LED Signs

Full perimeter LED signs.  LED's are sealed in a rigid 1" thick aluminum frame.  Aluminum frame makes sign very rigid.  Sign is provided with pole bracket mount on back for strapping to a pole.  Junction box on rear for easy connection also includes strobe / flash power supply with 8 selectable flash patterns.  Can be specified for AC or DC (Solar) operation.

M - SYSTEMS INC. FrameLITE signs are standard printed MUTCD signs on aluminum sheet.  Signs use 3M diamond grade reflective material.  All signs are held in a rigid extruded aluminum frame  with LED's embedded in the front face and sealed against the elements.  Signs include a Flasher / Strobe control that allows a selection of seven preset flash patterns.  FrameLITE signs may be ordered for either DC (Solar) or AC operation.

M-Systems Inc. provides a wide variety of options such as 24/7, time clock, motion sensor or pushbutton operation.  If ordering solar operation we provide the enclosure, electronics, battery and solar panel required.

FrameLITE, W2-1, Intersection ahead symbol

(Available 30 or 36 inch)

Specification W2-1

FrameLITE, W3-3, Signal Ahead

(Available 30 or 36 inch, with or without text (symbol only))

Specifications W3-3

FrameLITE, W11-2, Pedestrian Crossing 

(Available 30 or 36 inch.)

Specifications W11-2

FrameLITE, R1-1, STOP sign

(Available 30 or 36 inch)

Specification R1-1

FrameLITE, R2-1, Speed Limit "XX" sign

(Available 24x30 or 36x48 inch)

Specification R2-1

FrameLITE, R10-11, "NO TURN ON RED" sign

(Available 24x30 inch)

Specification R10-11

FrameLITE, R15-1, Railroad Crossing

(Available 36 inch)

Specifications R15-1